Weekly recaps

The weekly issue of Whitespace, which features the overview of what's happening in the industry, and a recap of what was featured on Web3 is Going Just Great.

If you're in the ponzi business, maybe don't quip to your colleagues in writing that you should be retitled "Ponzi Consultant". Also, a16z-backed…
Doubly bad weeks for both Genesis and Nexo, and the founders of Three Arrows Capital progress in their quest to become the most hated people in crypto.
Also featuring stablecoin salaries, Bitcoin burglaries, and rug-pull rationalizations.
Tax loss harvesting worthless NFTs as a service (TLHWNFTaaS), more pilfered Pokémon, and a hard lesson that mere belief that your actions are legal…
SBF is in the US, where he has been released on bail. Meanwhile, two top executives are cooperating with the investigation and have pled guilty to their…
Sam Bankman-Fried tells me he doesn't think he'll be arrested several hours before he is arrested. Also, Decentraland introduces landlords, and NFTs—the…
Bankruptcies pile up, Orthogonal Trading goes pear-shaped, and crypto exchanges perform layoffs... again.
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