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If SBF told me the sky was blue I would still look up.

I feel bad for JR3 and all he has to deal with even though he's definitely paying himself handsomely.

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My thought here is even if those under indictment are compelled by the court to sit for depositions, they will take the fifth. And even those not under indictment would probably want a statement from the Feds that they are not targets of the investigation and any questions answered would not be used against them. And I think his parents will fight hard against sitting.

I'd love to see this happen, if nothing more it might help put the pieces together to help FTX customers. But I doubt they will get substantial cooperation anytime soon. But it makes complete sense why they are doing this.

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I'm wondering what the AWS question is going after. That won't help find manually messing with a database. Maybe looking for a specific AWS resource and who had access to it? A specific database or something.

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I have read more than one article saying that the rules of crisis management (shut up, hire a PR firm that specializes in shit-shows, and lawyering up (and *LISTENING* to them)) are being proven wrong because SBF being combative and just running his mouth will prove that he can weather this.

But I suspect that take is wrong. It is just providing an abundance - nay, an ORGY - of evidence of poor judgement, fraud, and just some batshit insane actualities that boggle the mind.

Buckle up Baby Jesus, it's gonna get bumpy.

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