"Garden of snakes." Gotta love it.

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Dec 14, 2022·edited Dec 14, 2022

In their published statement on the arrest of SBF, the Bahamian authorities sort of maneuver themselves as the pet-dog of US law enforcement, but why were they not able to draft up their own allegations against SBF and arrest him first, considering the US attorneys were able to conjure up so many? Especially in the light of the assessment and questions of AOC the behavior of the Bahamian authorities is certainly questionable.

A second comment comes thinking of the whole discussion about crypto being either a security or a commodity, I guess as long as the verdict is not out, both securities (SEC) and commodities regulators (CFTC) can come after you. Chuckling at the fact that crypto proponents would rather see it under the purview of commodities regulators, we read here "[the CFTC] complaint goes into more detail than the SEC complaint".

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