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All content is free and available to all readers, and will continue to be that way. Paywalls suck and you won’t find them here. What you receive will be exactly the same regardless of whether you choose to pay for a subscription or not.

That said, paid subscribers are crucial to allowing me to continue doing this kind of research and writing, and so if you are able to support my work I would be immensely grateful. You will also get access to additional features including commenting.

I understand that not everyone is willing or able to support at the same rate, so I’ve set up an (admittedly janky) system to allow you to pay what you want. The suggested rate is $10/month or $100/year, which comes out to around $2.50 a newsletter just for the weekly recaps — less when you factor in the additional deep dives and special editions. But whatever you want to or can afford to pay is just fine with me, and deeply appreciated.

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